Take a sample IELTS Test under exam conditions and receive:

  • Reading and Listening indicative scores
  • Writing indicative score and examiner feedback on how to improve
  • A coupon for $35 off a new official IELTS Test booking*
  • Experience in writing the test at the centre under exam conditions


*Terms and Conditions

  1. Upon completion of the Trial Test, the Test Taker will receive one promo code enabling them to receive a $35 discount on a new booking for an official IELTS Test before March 31, 2025
  2. Promo code is for single use only and can only be used by the individual who participated in the Trial Test
  3. Official IELTS Test must be booked and paid after receipt of the promo code to claim its value
  4. Official IELTS Test must be taken at the same centre as the Trial Test
  5. This is a stand-alone offer and cannot be used in combination with any other promotional offer by the British Council or ILSC Test Centres
  6. All other terms and conditions of IELTS Test registration apply and must be met to apply promo code. Promo codes have no cash value and cannot be used or exchanged for any other products or services