IELTS sur ordinateur

Plus de dates de test, des résultats plus rapides, le même test d'expression orale en face-à-face


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Why Choose an IELTS on Computer Test? 

Des résultats plus rapides

All IELTS on Computer Tests at ILSC now give you access to a download of your Test Report Form in PDF format in 2-5 days!

Même test d'expression orale en face à face

The Speaking test is still face-to-face in a private room with a trained and qualified Examiner, as it is the most natural way of assessing speaking skills.

If you prefer typing to writing

If you are more comfortable typing than writing, or if you think your handwriting is hard to read, using a computer could be the answer. Some people also prefer editing on a computer than on paper.

Vous pouvez toujours préparer vos réponses sur papier

70 % des personnes avec lesquelles nous avons discuté ont déclaré qu'elles aimaient pouvoir planifier la section "écriture" de leur test sur papier, ce qui est toujours possible avec les tests informatisés.

Same free preparation

You can still prepare with the British Council IELTS apps and online learning materials. Booking is easy with our mobile-friendly registration system.

Greater flexibility

ILSC offers IELTS on Computer many times per week. Choose the best day of the week and a morning, afternoon or evening test time, whichever fits best with your schedule.

Réservez dès aujourd'hui un test IELTS sur ordinateur

IELTS on Computer has exactly the same test content and structure, but you’ll take it sitting at a personal computer with headphones and with technical staff on hand to help.


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